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We all have secret dreams, visions, and desires planted deep within the soil of our fertile hearts. And sometimes the soil of our hearts is so rich and thick, that those dreams get buried or pushed aside, to be forgotten for ages.

And I find that when I’m in a season of waiting, it’s really easy to become numb to the pulsating of those buried dreams. It’s easy to become engrossed in day-to-day living that actually results in pseudo living. Because when I think about real living, I think about life that comes out of heart and soul, infused with passion and drive, and a conviction that won’t let you stop to breathe.

I think about the vivid color of summer strawberries, and want my life to look just as vivid. I think about the zesty taste of a lemon, and want my life to taste just as zesty.

And as I’ve been mulling about how life can so quickly become mundane, I was aptly reminded by our great God, that He says in His word: “Do I bring the moment of birth & not give delivery?” (Isaiah 66:9)

That’s right.

All the things stirring in my heart are not things I planted there. They are not things I gave birth to; they are things that God has given birth to.

And so I am claiming this verse for all of us… those of us who feel like the dreams once birthed in our hearts have died… those of us who feel like our passions have been covered with dirt… those of us who are convinced that our desires are starting to rot…

I proclaim that God has brought birth, for the purpose of DELIVERY. So even now, He is working to restore your dreams, renew your hope, and breathe life into death. Birth = delivery. AMEN.