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the hope adventure LAUNCHES!

Hi friends –

Do you ever get to the end of a journey (which is really just the beginning) and wonder how you got there? I’m in that place right now and the only-sometimes-obvious answer is, “by taking one step at a time.”

Really that’s the only way we can do it. And I’m thankful, because otherwise, life would be too overwhelming!

But speaking of journeys and beginnings… I want to announce to you that I launched my podcast today! It’s called The Hope Adventure and is a place where we’ll explore the truth that The Greatest Adventure is His Presence.

I travel a lot. When I do, my parents always bid me adieu at the airport or in the driveway with the same encouragement, “Go find another story.” ⁣⁣

This podcast is a culmination of those stories and the deep spiritual meaning that can be found in a simple story.⁣⁣

I believe that God is always speaking to us if we would just tune our hearts and ears to listen. My prayer is that this podcast helps us do that together. ⁣⁣

And if nothing else, if you just want someone to pray over you weekly. Listen in. There will always be a moment for that.  ⁣⁣

[To listen, click on the link above or visit iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, or Stitcher, and search The Hope Adventure.⁣]

Please subscribe and leave a review so that more people can join us as well! ⁣⁣

Let’s adventure together…

x Bethany

The Kiss of Alan.

Yesterday was a massive (or mahoosive [slang for ginormous as I learned from an English friend!]) day for my future. In day-to-day things, it was a ‘normal’ Sunday. But actually I hate living for ‘normal’ Sundays. In fact, I hate living for ‘normal’ any days. And well, this was not a ‘normal’ day in the end…

Back to the mahoosiveness of yesterday… it was a day in which I saw God begin to visually outwork His Promise over my life in the particular area of calling. If you know me well, you’ll know that I’ve been on a geographical journey for the past 8 years of my life. And with each country & each continent, with each season & step, God has revealed His plans for my future bit by bit. I’ve had glimpses here & there & opportunities that have affirmed the seeds & passions rooted deep within the soil of my heart.

But 14 months on the other side of Bible college, He has finally positioned me in a place where I am sowing further & deeper into these purposes, & He is reaping opportunities for me to use my gifts – the ones He so graciously & lavishly has poured into my life. That ones that my heart desires to gift right back to Him.

So Thursday afternoon I was asked if I could preach Sunday at a nearby village church. I knew I wouldn’t have much time to prep over the next few days, but trusted that God would bring me through what might feel like a fire. He did ever so graciously.

After I spoke on our “God who breathes life into our dry places, even when turns our backs on Him,” I was approached by a very elderly man who was permanently hunched-over & weary. He slowly extended his hand to me & I bent down to catch his gaze. He said, “My name is Alan & I want you to know that my eyes were closed the whole time you were preaching, not because I was sleeping, but because I wanted to soak in every single word you said because every single word was powerful. So, thank you for preaching today.” Then with his toothless grin, he lowered his head again & kissed my hand.

I held back tears, said my goodbyes to the church members, & got in my car to hear God whisper to me: I AM ALAN & I AM KISSING YOUR HAND.

What a joy & privilege… what a humbling blessing… to be the mouthpiece of God… to declare words of life, so that He can breathe His life back into the dry & dusty places of our lives…

Another journey has begun.