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the hope adventure LAUNCHES!

Hi friends –

Do you ever get to the end of a journey (which is really just the beginning) and wonder how you got there? I’m in that place right now and the only-sometimes-obvious answer is, “by taking one step at a time.”

Really that’s the only way we can do it. And I’m thankful, because otherwise, life would be too overwhelming!

But speaking of journeys and beginnings… I want to announce to you that I launched my podcast today! It’s called The Hope Adventure and is a place where we’ll explore the truth that The Greatest Adventure is His Presence.

I travel a lot. When I do, my parents always bid me adieu at the airport or in the driveway with the same encouragement, “Go find another story.” ⁣⁣

This podcast is a culmination of those stories and the deep spiritual meaning that can be found in a simple story.⁣⁣

I believe that God is always speaking to us if we would just tune our hearts and ears to listen. My prayer is that this podcast helps us do that together. ⁣⁣

And if nothing else, if you just want someone to pray over you weekly. Listen in. There will always be a moment for that.  ⁣⁣

[To listen, click on the link above or visit iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, or Stitcher, and search The Hope Adventure.⁣]

Please subscribe and leave a review so that more people can join us as well! ⁣⁣

Let’s adventure together…

x Bethany

Sometimes Singleness. [thoughts from the thick of July 2013]

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 5.39.12 PMSometimes.

Sometimes singleness is a drag.

Sometimes singleness is one of the most thrilling, freeing adventures of my life.

Every day is a choice. Some days it’s harder to choose ‘adventure’ over focusing on the things I don’t have in my life… i.e. husband.

I just spent the last 10 days serving with a phenomenally talented group of artists & musicians at 6,000 feet in Littleton, Colorado. We led worship, hosted a Kidz Worship & Arts Camp, & sang with our cover band, “Rumblestone,” at festivals & in a juvenile detention center.

Something about turning your back on your normal routine long enough to allow God to take you to an open space (mission trip, vacation, etc.) is very healing for perspective. I was yet again reminded of the goodness of God, and more importantly that this life is not about me. It’s about Him & therefore it’s about serving others.

But I always find it strange to come off the adventure of fresh perspective & ‘good feelings’ from a mission trip & step back into a current reality that has lots of challenges. Right after my trip, I immersed myself into the social scene of spending 1 1/2 days with 3 of my best childhood friends & their sweet kiddos. They are all incredible wives & mothers (& well, people, in general). But despite this fact, I always struggle to focus on the fact that life isn’t about me when I’m surrounded by friends & peers who seem way further ahead in life than me.

My broken-record mantra to people usually goes something like this: “I don’t have a house, a husband, a car, or a job (currently!); I own clothes, shoes, & my computer. Oh… and I get to travel the world on adventure with God.” I find myself speaking this phrase to people as a matter of admitting that I know culture declares I’m ‘behind the curve.’ But I also say it so that my ears can hear an audible reminder that my life is amazing. It is the ultimate adventure. And when my surroundings taunt me with ‘you are missing out on life, Bethany,’ God gently reminds me that He IS life… living in me.

*I’ve literally been ‘behind the curve’ in my attempts to blog this summer, so take this as a belated post. I will write more soon that’s more apt & accurate to my shifting season of life.

Fireflies in London.

Prayer walking on the village green

There are little moments in my life that bring shimmer to my soul like flickering little fireflies. Of course we can’t live our everyday lives in hopes that they would always feel like that. But we can live in hopes that those little moments would give us the spark that’s needed to once again awake our sleeping passions & inspire us to BE as we were created to be.

I’ve had countless ‘firefly’ moments in the past 9 days:

  • Sitting on a train into London talking through life, culture, & spirituality with an Iranian family
  • Being exposed to patriotism & loyalty in a way that I’ve never experienced before while walking 4 miles along sardine-packed streets of millions to stand in a giant field in the freezing cold rain to watch the Queen wave from her balcony for 5 minutes (not to mention watching every other Diamond Jubilee event on the TV!)
  • Walking across the Goldhill common in my little village, praying blessing & God’s goodness over the 1000s of lives that will be attending our “Run the Race” Olympic community festival
  • Exploring the way God takes our little offering & makes it big amongst a group of diverse & international leaders across various ministry focuses in a place titled the “Grace Bar”
  • Smiling as a Latin band jumped on the underground & wooed us with their smooth sounds (apparently though normal in Paris, it seemed a rarity here because everyone pulled out their phone cameras to capture the moment)
  • Gleaning from the passion of church members & volunteers that have committed their time & energy to loving people as Jesus does, even in nations where their lives are on the line

This is one of the beautiful things about displacing myself out of my context, into a place where I don’t understand things naturally, and therefore become a keen observer. By God’s grace & strength in my life, it results in this flood of soul-igniting moments.

I’ve only been treading the green grass of this village for barely over a week now, but I am expectant for more firefly moments… more glimpses of God in this new, fresh (a tiny bit chilly!) everyday.

Praying for nations to be touched by nations

House of Parliament


My Next… wherever. whenever. whatever.

For those of you who know me well, you realize that I am intoxicated by movement… change… newness. I’m sure you have your own opinion of this aspect of my life, but I chalk it up to a very dangerous prayer that I prayed back in 2007…

“God, I will go wherever you ask… whenever you ask… to do whatever you ask. I don’t care what I must sacrifice. I am Yours. Send me.” 

Just re-typing these words sends shivers down my spine because I realize how REAL the outcome of that prayer has been in my life. I have been honored and blessed and privileged to live in lots of amazing countries, and even more blessed with the friendships I have gained.

In my life, I’ve come to realize that, on one hand, the sacrifice IS relationship. And on the other, the gain IS relationship. And just as with other parts of our lives… it’s about GIVE and TAKE. So…

My next “wherever” is LONDON, England.

My next “whenever” is Friday (June 1st).

My next “whatever” is serving with Gold Hill church: leading worship, helping to build their 18-35’s community, project coordination for a 2-week Olympic outreach community festival, & assisting with a cafe/pub church plant in the heart of London (Picadilly Circus).

I’m on the move always changing, chasing an unchanging God who is always on the move and always there.

The Aftermath of Goodbye.

I had this moment today where my deepest desire scooted its way to the surface of my heart. All I want is to sit face-to-face with my friends from all the far-off places I’ve lived and learned, and watch as they paint facial expressions with their emotions. I want to listen as they share with me their day-to-day struggles… their joys, their pains. So that I can laugh and cry and celebrate and ponder with them.

Though it’s cliché to say that friendship is something special, something to be held closely, something to be beyond grateful for… I have remembered today that it absolutely IS. I cannot imagine how empty I would feel without my community of friends around the world. And as I contemplate my life… about what I should be doing, or where I should be doing it, I realize all too quickly that none of that matters. What matters is that I have people in my life to do life with. In my case, that may be from distant lands… but nonetheless, I don’t for one second take for granted any friendship in my life. I receive them all humbly as precious gifts from God.

So if you are my friend and you are reading this, THANK YOU. I’ll make my best effort to visit you (yea! that means future trips across the USA, Switzerland, England, South Africa, and Australia to be precise!) to have that cup of tea I’m craving, so that we can pick-up just where we left off.