Just Wait.

Oswald Chambers once said, “When God gives you a vision and darkness follows, wait.” I remember being totally staggered by this quote, and it’s one ever since that has been a must-cling-to truth in several seasons of my life.

It’s that moment of potential that seems to fester with impatience; like you know something is coming… you just aren’t sure when or where or even what… but jittery nerves overtake your common sense, and you just want to lean as far forward as you can, contemplating a leap that hasn’t presented itself as an opportunity yet.

I’m definitely in one of those seasons; where I am holding the vision like a trophy, not setting it down, not letting it go, only sharing it as wisdom discerns… and yet… I’m told to wait.

Why is waiting so difficult? Why does impatience infect my every thought? Why does it linger when unwanted and unwelcome?

My tendency is to always ‘do,’ so that’s why I’m sure. Because in WAITING, I must drop the trophy, I must sit and reflect, without entertainment, without movement or momentum… just waiting. Stillness. Waiting. Solitude. Waiting. Calm. Waiting. Peace. Waiting.

But I laugh to myself, because I know that in the waiting, my soul is cleansed, my thoughts realigned, my hope restored…

Because on the other side of waiting is God out working the blessing. And that is ALWAYS worth the wait.


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